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Character Locator in Python

Given a string and a character, your task is to locate the positions of that character in the string. These types of problems are very competitive programming!

The first thing we need to ask the user about String & Character

string = input("Enter a string: ")
char   = input("Enter the character you want to locate: ")

Then by for loop, we go to each character in the string to check if it is the character we want or not, once it is true, we add the index of that character in the string as a position

char_locations = []

for x in range(len(string)):
    if string[x].lower() == char.lower():

The output will be:

Enter a string: Mariam Ahmed
Enter the character you want to locate: a
[1, 4, 7]

That's it, I hope this article was worth reading and helped you acquire new knowledge no matter how small.

Feel free to check up on the notebook. You can find the results of code samples in this post.


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