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Cleaning Data in Python

Data cleansing

is a process of detecting and rectifying (or deleting) of untrustworthy, inaccurate or outdated information from a data set, archives, table, or database.

You’ll learn techniques on how to find and clean:

  • Missing Data

  • Irregular Data (Outliers)

  • Unnecessary Data — Repetitive Data, Duplicates and more

we use the California Housing Prices from Kaggle.

About this file

  1. longitude: A measure of how far west a house is; a higher value is farther west

  2. latitude: A measure of how far north a house is; a higher value is farther north

  3. housingMedianAge: Median age of a house within a block; a lower number is a newer building

  4. totalRooms: Total number of rooms within a block

  5. totalBedrooms: Total number of bedrooms within a block

  6. population: Total number of people residing within a block

  7. households: Total number of households, a group of people residing within a home unit, for a block

  8. medianIncome: Median income for households within a block of houses (measured in tens of thousands of US Dollars)

  9. medianHouseValue: Median house value for households within a block (measured in US Dollars)

  10. oceanProximity: Location of the house w.r.t ocean/sea

# import packages
import pandas as pd
import numpy as np
df = pd.read_csv("california-housing-prices-housing.csv")

# select numeric columns
df_numeric = df.select_dtypes(include=[np.number])
numeric_cols = df_numeric.columns.values
['longitude' 'latitude' 'housing_median_age' 'total_rooms'
 'total_bedrooms' 'population' 'households' 'median_income'
# select non numeric columns
df_non_numeric = df.select_dtypes(exclude=[np.number])
non_numeric_cols = df_non_numeric.columns.values

Missing Data Heatmap

When there is a smaller number of features, we can visualize the missing data via heatmap.

colours = ['#000099', '#ffff00'] 
# specify the colours - yellow is missing. blue is not #missing.
sns.heatmap(df.isnull(), cmap=sns.color_palette(colours))

The total_bedrooms feature only has little missing values around the 20640th row.

longitude               0
latitude                0
housing_median_age      0
total_rooms             0
total_bedrooms        207
population              0
households              0
median_income           0
median_house_value      0
ocean_proximity         0
dtype: int64

fill massing values in total_bedrooms with mean.

df['total_bedrooms'] = df['total_bedrooms'].fillna(df['total_bedrooms'].mean())

Irregular data (Outliers)

Outliers are data that is distinctively different from other observations. They could be real outliers or mistakes.

# box plot.

count     20640.000000
mean     206855.816909
std      115395.615874
min       14999.000000
25%      119600.000000
50%      179700.000000
75%      264725.000000
max      500001.000000
Name: median_house_value, dtype: float64

The 500001 value is an outlier.

df[df['median_house_value'] == 500001]['median_house_value'].count()
print((965/ 20640)*100)

we have 4.6% of value 500001 we can decide to remove it or not but I see this prcentage big to remove it effect on analysis.

Unnecessary Data — Repetitive Data, Duplicates and more remove households column.

df =  df.drop(columns=['households'])



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