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Python Concepts For Data Science: lambda expressions

Lambda expression is an anonymous function, it can take any numbers of arguments but can only have one expression returned.

Syntax: lambda arguments :

expression ---> the expression is executed and the result is returned in one line


#example 01
x=lambda i:i+10

We start by assigning lambda to a value (x here) so that everytime we need it we call x . Here we gave 5 as an argument for x. The result here will be : 15.

Example02: lambda with 2 arguments

#example 02 with 2 arguments
calculate= lambda x,y: x*y

The result here will be 45.

Example03: lambda with 03 arguments

#example03 with 03 arguments
math_op = lambda x,y,z:x*y+z

The result here will be 10.

The power of lambda is better shown when we use it as an anonymous function in another function

#example04with user function
def multiply (n):
    return lambda x:x*n

So we created a user function called multiply that has 1 argument n. Inside the body of the function we used a lambda function with a single argument x and it will return x*m

This lambda expression result is just a returning expression for the return statement in the multiply function.

How we call the function then?

first we assign it to a variable with an argument n : double = multiply(2) than we print this variable with the x argument. Here it will return 10.

Thank you for reading.

You will find the code below here:


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