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Seun Assignment 1

# Program to calculate BMI height = float(input("Enter your height in cm: ")) weight = float(input("Enter your weight in kg: ")) bmi = weight / (height/100)**2 print("You BMI is :: ",bmi) if bmi <= 18.4: print("You are underweight.") elif bmi <= 24.9: print("You are healthy.") elif bmi <= 29.9: print("You are over weight.") elif bmi <= 34.9: print("You are severely over weight.") elif bmi <= 39.9: print("You are obese.") else: print("You are severely obese.")

BMI stands for Body Mass Index. Based on the BMI of the individual, it will print a statement stating the overall health of the person.

Syntax : BMI = weight / (height/100)**2 Python As per syntax we need two parameter by user which is height and weight. Then we will apply those input to our formula and calculate BMI. Lastly we will print message according to BMI classification.


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