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I am a junior software engineer and a research student. I graduated from the National Engineering School of Carthage in 2019 with high honors. During my bachelor degree, I did many internships in different fields, going from networks administration, business intelligence and mobile apps development to robotics and Artificial Intelligence. After getting my engineering diploma, I worked as a software engineer in embedded systems development and I had an experience as Full Stack Engineer. Then, I joined school classes again with a master degree in Tunisia Polytechnic School. I am currently doing my master thesis and at the same time, I am taking some freelance jobs (Desktop apps development, databases administration and management, etc..).

I am highly interested in all the fields related to technology and software engineering. That's why, I tried to discover different areas with my jobs and my internships and I have always succeeded to do a great work.

I would like to learn more and to improve my skills in data science and business analytics.

This my linkedIn profile: