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Data Scientist Program


Apply to be considered for the next round of admissions

Data Insight is always accepting new applications for her fully funded Data Scientist Program. The Data Scientist Program is the commitment of Data Insight towards the training of the next generation of Data Scientists. The vision of this program is to adequately educate and develop intelligent yet economically marginalized young people around the world who have defied all odds and have shown a great deal of resilience and academic excellence. 


Program Overview

A Data Scientist employs programming, statistical and machine learning techniques to gain insight from data. Data Insight's Data Scientist Program is a comprehensive online data science training that covers all that you need to begin your journey towards becoming a Data Scientist. Over a period of 1 year, you will develop the technical skills to program in Python and learn how to use this powerful tool to collect, analyze and interpret complex data and to build predictive machine learning models.

Course Highlight


Courses in the Data Scientist Program are developed by data science experts in industry and academia. They will help you to develop both programming and data science skills.


  • Programming in Python

  • Python for Data Science

  • Shell for Data Science

  • Git/GitHub for Data Science

  • Data Science Toolbox

  • Importing Data in Python

  • Data Cleaning

  • Pandas Foundations

  • Data Manipulation

  • Data Analysis

  • Data Visualization

  • SQL for Data Science

  • Statistical Thinking

  • Machine Learning

  • Supervised Learning

  • Unsupervised Learning

  • Deep Learning

  • Neural Networks



The projects in the Data Scientist Program will equip you with hands-on experience for solving real-world problems while building your data science portfolio.

  • 8 Practical course-based projects

  • 2 Applied data science capstone projects

Time Commitment

Each participant must be ready to put in at least 20 hours every week.


Program Duration

1 Year


You will receive a professional certificate from Data Insight recognizing your proficiency in data science if and only if you complete ALL program requirements including courses and projects. See a sample.


Scholarship Requirements

In order to participate in the Data Scientist Program, you must be a recipient of one of the Data Insight Scholarships.


There are several data science scholarships available at Data Insight. Each scholarship covers the application, tuition, management and services fees, and the cost of the certificate.


To compete for one of these scholarships, you must be able to show in writing and orally that you are interested in data science and that you do not have the financial means to obtain a solid data science education. In addition, you must demonstrate that in spite of previous financial constraints, you were able to pull through with excellent academic performance.

Apply for Data Science Scholarship 

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Application Deadline


Applications are received on a rolling basis, which means they can be submitted any time throughout the year. Applications are continuously evaluated until available positions are filled. A list of successful applicants will be posted on this web page. All successful applicants will be notified via email.

Program Director

Aina Adekunle, PhD

Current Scholarship Recipients

2022 (SEP) Data Insight Scholarship Awardees

Past Scholarship Recipients

2022 (JAN) Data Insight Scholarship Awardees

2021 Data Insight Scholarship Awardees

2020 Data Insight Scholarship Awardees

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