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An introduction to List Comprehension

python is eminent for encouraging developers and Data Scientist write efficient, easy to understand code and a simple to read code as well

List comprehensions are used for creating new lists from other iterables like tuples, strings, arrays, lists, etc. A list comprehension consists of brackets containing the expression, which is executed for each element along with the for loop to iterate over each element.


newList =[ expression(element) for element in oldList if condition ]

Advantages of List Comprehension

  1. Require fewer lines of code

  2. Transforms iterative statement into a formula

  3. More time efficient and space efficient than loops

Iterating through a String using List comprehensions

h_letters = [letter for letter in "letter"]

When we run the program, the output will be:


in the above example, a new list is assigned to variable h_letters, and list contains the items of the iterable string 'letters'

we type the print() function to call the output


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