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BMI Calculator with Python

Body Mass Index (BMI) is a way to determine if your weight is healthy for your height. One's BMI value can the person or help health care providers lessen health risks arising due to his/her weight. BMI is the measurement used to determine body fat of a person.

Body Mass Index is calculated by dividing a person's body mass by the square of the body height. It has the units kg/m^2.

This article includes a python code calculate BMI.

The first part of the code requires the user to enter his/her weight in kilograms(kg) and height in metres(m).

weight = float(input('Enter your weight(in kilograms): '))

height = float(input('Enter your height(in metres): '))

After the values are been entered, it calculates the BMI value using the values the user provided and displays the BMI value.

bmi = weight / (height ** 2)

print('Your body mass index is ', bmi, 'kg/m^2')

The program also tells the you about which weight classification your BMI value fall under, using the standard BMI classification chart.

if bmi < 18.5 :

print('This is considered underweight')

elif 18.5 <= bmi < 25:

print('This considered healthy')

elif 25 <= bmi < 30:

print('This is considered overweight')


print('This is considered obese')

Using this program one can get to know their BMI value.

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1 Comment

Data Insight
Data Insight
Sep 18, 2021

You should highlight everywhere you have code and click the code snippet button. See your other article for example where this was done for you.

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