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Converting numbers into words

I started by defining a function which enable the user to enter input values

of number needed to be converted into words

#Defining a function

y=int(input("Number To Words Converter:-\n\nEnter Number: "))


import sys

if int(x)>10**100 or int(x)<0:sys.exit("Range Is From Zero To One Googol!")

def num1wrd(x,w={0:"",1:"One",2:"Two",3:"Three",4:"Four",5:"Five",6:"Six",7:"Seven",8:"Eight",9:"Nine"},f={2:"Twen",3:"Thir",4:"For",5:"Fif",6:"Six",7:"Seven",8:"Eigh",9:"Nine"},t={11:"Eleven",12:"Twelve",13:"Thirteen",14:"Fourteen",15:"Fifteen",16:"Sixteen",17:"Seventeen",18:"Eighteen",19:"Nineteen"}):

if len(x)==1:return(w[int(x)])

elif len(x)==2 and x[0]=="0" and x[1]=="0":return("")

elif len(x)==2 and x[0]=="0":return (w[int(x[1])])

elif len(x)==2:

if int(x) in range(11,20):return(t[int(x)])

elif int(x[1])==0:

if int(x)==10:return("Ten")




print("》 "+s+".")

After running the function shown in the above image below is a pop up which enable the user to input any value.

After clicking enter below is the result of 475 in words.


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2 comentarios

Data Insight
Data Insight
11 sept 2021

Input your code into code snippet and provide link to the GitHub repository.

Me gusta
fredy chimire
fredy chimire
12 sept 2021
Contestando a

Well noted and actioned

Me gusta