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COVID19: Help to Contain the Novel Coronavirus

In just 3 months a novel virus has infected more than 100000 people in over 100 countries around the world. And these are just the known cases. Over 4000 of these individuals have unfortunately passed on. These are the facts, the age groups and other social groupings of those involved regardless.

But how some have managed to call talking about the statistics fear-mongering is bewildering. Why we continue to allow people to get on the plane and fly around without getting tested prior and post-flight and then wonder why the virus is spreading is incomprehensible. Why we continue to allow any form of gathering that is not about combating the virus and its disease is unfathomable. Why restrictions are being put in place in bits and pieces is really concerning. Officials are limiting social gathering to 250 individuals while the virus continues to spread quite frankly like I have never seen and people are taking it as if its some magic number below which gathering is safe.

I've heard talks about finding a balance between social life and fighting the pandemic, which to me is pure nonsense. We've been having our social life before coronavirus and will continue to have our social life if and only if we defeat this virus. So now is the time to focus and do everything within our own power as individuals and join the fight against the rapid transmission of this coronavirus.

More precisely, what I am saying is that we should do the right thing with the information overload about the coronavirus; act decisively and not fear, whether you are young or old, have underlying health conditions or not, please avoid any gathering as much as possible for the moment and follow all the best hygiene practices, which I have no doubts you've received from multiple sources, to help not only contain the novel coronavirus but to do so in a timely fashion.



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