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Email Address Verifier: @ symbol checker

The email address format is one which must have some unique user name before @ and also have a domain name after that. In this very simple mini python project we are going to check whether there is any @ symbol before domain name. The objective is how we access a string characters and check them for some specific character at desired location.

Step: 1

Typing the below code in your jupyter notebook or any other python IDE. It is simply getting the email address from input.

e_address=input("Enter any Email address:")

Step: 2

In the second we will check the input character by character to check the location of @ symbol.

for i in range(len(e_address)):
    if (e_address[i]=='@')& ((i >0)&(i< len(e_address)-1)):

In above lines of code we are iterating the loop over e_address variable and then in the if statement we have given the condition to check if the @ symbol is some where not at the ends of the given input email address.

Step: 3

In the last step we are just giving the message whether it is an email address or not with the following lines of code.

if verified:
    print("looks like you have typed some email addree.")
    print("That's not an email address.")


Although this is a very naive solution for email address @ checker but the learned concept of accessing string characters and the if statements can further be used in a same way to enhance and add an extra functionality. For example to check if the domain name and user name is valid or not.


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