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Email Splitter for Separating Username from Domain Name

This is my task # 01 for the first assignment from the task list uploaded in Google Classroom.


My Code Description:

- First the user will enter the email.

- Then the email will split into 2 parts which will saved in two variables assigned to the method split.

- Then print the username and domain name separately via print method.


What Is Split Built in Function:

- This method is used to split the given value/string as per the input symbol.

- Like in my case my email was and used @ in split method so the email divided into 2 parts left (hamza) is the username and right (

- As I divided the string using "@" so it will not include in the divided parts.


Code Is Attached Below as a snip of Jupyter Notebook.




Hamza Khalid

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Data Insight
Data Insight
03 sept 2021

😮 Be careful how you give your personal data away on the internet.

Me gusta
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