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Fahrenheit to Celsius, a simple converter

We start with writing the general theory - the rule of conversion:

Celsius = (Fahrenheit- 32) * 5/9

image recourse:


The program accepts the value of the Fahrenheit degree entered by the user and stores it in feh variable, as the following:

feh = float(input("Enter your temperature in Fehrenheit: "))

A prompt will appear for the user as:

Enter your temperature in Fehrenheit: 1000

Second, the conversion:

Then, the conversion is calculated using the previous mentioned rule and the result is stored in the variable celsius:

celsius = (feh - 32) * 5 / 9

Then the result is printed along with the converted Fahrenheit degree:

print("%0.2f degrees in Fehrenheit is %0.2f degrees in Celsius. " %(feh,celsius))

The result would be:

1000.00 degrees in Fehrenheit is 537.78 degrees in Celsius. 

Using the % symbol we linked the place of the variable in the sentence, f symbol is to determine that this value is float, 0.2 is the number of digits after the dot.

Also, we could just convert the celsius variable into String and printed:

print("The temperature in Celesius is :" + str(celsius))

It would result in the whole number:

The temperature in Celesius is :537.7777777777778

Thanks for reading.


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