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Strong Password Generator using Python

Generating a strong password is very much important in today's world. It is peculiar to secure our digital privacy from hackers and being victims of their malicious activities.

So, let's get started by creating a strong password according to the user the first name.

Step 1: Import the necessary model

import numpy as np

import random

Step 2: Initialize the necessary symbols for creating a strong password


Here I have included all the operators, characters and numerical data to include in the password for making it strong.

Step 3: Get the username from the user

def getUsername():    
    username=input("Enter your first name. ")
    if username== '' or username.isalpha()==False :
        print("The username can't be empty and should 
        contain character.")                                               
    return username

Here I created a recursive function if the username is empty or have any numerical numbers, then it asks the user to re-enter the name. This function is made to ensure a non-empty and non-numerical input name.

Step 4: Get the desired length of the password.

The length must be greater than 8.

def getPwLength():
    length=int(input("Enter the length of password "))
    if 8>length<16:
            print("The length of password must be 
            greater or equal to 8 and less than 16 ")        
            length=int(input("Re-enter the length of 
            password ")
    return length

The username and password can be given as:

Step 5: Generate a random password

Then I generated the random password from the set the symbols we assigned before and concatenate with the username. Then converting it into the list I shuffled the password and returned the output in a form of a string as a strong generated password.

for i in range(length-len(username)):
    pw += random.choice(pwd)
pword =ConvertToList(pw)
print("The final password having the username is" , password) 

The final output is

The final password having the username is M<#ZyryTaM

You can get the repo from here.


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