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Password generator from first names

Since the creation of the Internet, people have accessed sites, created accounts requiring passwords. some people have difficulty creating strong passwords. A need for security is therefore felt. For this we have set up a program capable of generating a password from an individual's first name.

import string
import random 

def pass_gen(firstname):
    """ Generate random password from a first name
    firstname (str) : The first name to generate password
    str: generated password
    symbols = list(string.ascii_letters + string.digits+"<!?/$*%-(_)#@&+=")
    l = len(firstname)                            # length of the first name
    # if the length is smaller than 8 we round it to 8 caracters
    diff = 8-l                                  
    symbol_complete =""
    for i in range(diff):
        symbol_complete = symbol_complete + random.choice(symbols)
    a = lambda x : x+symbol_complete if(l<8) else x
    firstname = a(firstname)
    #let mix up the caracters of first name
    firstname = list(firstname) # convert the firstname in to list to shuffle it
    final_len = len(firstname)
    firstname_mix = random.sample(firstname, len(firstname))
    firstname_generate = ""
    for i in range(final_len):
        m = (i+1)%8
        firstname_generate = firstname_generate + symbols[m] + firstname_mix[i] + random.choice(symbols)
    firstname_generate = ''.join(random.sample(firstname_generate, len(firstname_generate)))
    return firstname_generate

Example of use

in: pass_gen("DataInsight")

out fDcgTvhvw/ted<hdngaiscaaIqibba!tX

Another example:

in: pass_gen("Adama")

out: Ba4c<ftYaAgte/hc-6addmbc

This fonction can generate a strong password from firsts Names

Important python concept

Lambda function: a lambda function is an anonymous function that can be helpful to perform a small task in only one line of code

example of use in our password generator program

a = lambda x : x+ symbol_complete if(l<8) else x

Here lambda function help to complet the lenght of a first name to 8 characters for those whose the lenght is smaller than 8.


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