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Password Generator from Username using Python

In this post, you will learn how to create a random string passwords in Python. Using a random and string module, we can write our own password generator.

Steps to Create a Random String

1- Import String and Random modules

2- Use the string constant digits and symbols and the function upper() and lower()

3- Use a for loop and random.choice() function to choose characters from a source

4- Generate a password generator

Let's code a function that generates a password from the username.

1- Import modules

2- Input the username to generate the password

3- Define our function generate_password

3-1 Convert the username to uppercase and lowercase letters.

store numbers and symbols

"digits contain '0123456789'

punctuation contain all special symbols '!”#$%&'()*+,-./:;<=> @[\]^_`{|}~.' "

3-2 Generate random characters from lowercase, uppercase username and all (numbers and symbols)

3-3 Concatenate and return password from username, numbers and symbols

There is our function below

Let's test our funtion


You can find the whole project on my Github


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