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Word Guessing Game using Python

In this Post, we will learn how to create a simple word guessing game using python

Rules of the Game

The guessing team must try and guess the word the clue-giver is trying to explain. Any number of guesses are allowed. The turn ends when the guessing team correctly guesses the word or when the timer runs out.

Let's Start Coding

Step1 : Import the random module

Step2 : Define list of words in the Game

Here we use while loop to repeat the game and it is a choice taken by the player at the end of the game.

Step3: Choose one random word from list of words using Random

Step 4 : Specify the category of word chosed to facilate the game

Step 5 : After that, the guessing process begins as shown below

the player can play 5 times

Step 6 : Give choice to repeat the Game if the player lost


This is a simple test where I lost to guess the word

There is the complete Code below

import random

# library that we use in order to choose
# on random words from a list of words

name = input("What is your name? ")
# Here the user is asked to enter the name first

print("Good Luck ! ", name)

repeat = True
while repeat == True :
    fruits =  ['apple', 'olive', 'tomato', 'melon', 'litchi', 
    'mango', 'lime', 'kiwi', 'grapes', 'cherry',
    'banana', 'apricot', 'cucumber', 'guava', 'mulberry',
    'orange', 'papaya', 'pear', 'peach', 'berry']

    animals = ['ants', 'hippo', 'panda', 'giraffe', 'bat', 'bear',
    'catfish', 'cheetah', 'lizard', 'wolf', 'zebra', 'eagle',
    'cobra', 'goose', 'penguin', 'frog', 'mouse', 'flamingo',
    'rabbit', 'crow', 'whale', 'lion', 'monkey', 'ostrich',
    'peacock', 'raccoon', 'rhinoceros', 'sheep', 'dogs',
    'squirrel', 'tiger', 'vulture']

    accessories = ['ring', 'bangle', 'lipstick', 'handbag', 'crown',
    'necklace', 'watch', 'caps', 'glasses', 'wallet',
    'belts', 'comb', 'pendent', 'earring', 'scarf',
    'backpack', 'keychain', 'hairpin', 'shoes', 'hats',
    'jacket', 'boots', 'socks', 'stocking', 'muffler',
    'gloves', 'umbrella', 'ribbon']

    stationary = ['notebook', 'tape', 'pencil', 'eraser', 'sharpener',
    'files', 'fevicol', 'inkpot', 'chalk', 'duster',
    'glue', 'paper', 'cutter', 'chart', 'colours',
    'stapler', 'marker', 'staples', 'clips', 'calculator',
    'envelope', 'register']

    words = fruits + animals + accessories + stationary
    # Function will choose one random word from this list of words
    word = random.choice(words)
    print("Your word has", len(word), "letters.")
    # Game would randomly choose words


    if word in fruits:  # Give category of word
        print("Your word is a Fruit.")
    elif word in accessories:
        print("Your word is related to Accessory.")
    elif word in stationary:
        print("Your word is related to Stationary.")
    elif word in animals:
        print("Your word is an Animal")
    print("Guess the characters")

    guesses = ''

    # any number of turns can be used here
    turns = 5

    while turns > 0:

        # counts the number of times a user fails
        failed = 0

        # all characters from the input word taking one at a time.
        for char in word:

            # comparing that character with the character in guesses
            if char in guesses:


                # for every failure 1 will be incremented in failure
                failed += 1

        if failed == 0:
            # user will win the game if failure is 0 and 'You Win' will be given as output
            print("You Win")

            # this print the correct word
            print("The word is: ", word)

        # if user has input the wrong alphabet then it will ask user to enter another alphabet
        guess = input("guess a character:")

        # every input character will be stored in guesses
        guesses += guess

        # check input with the character in word
        if guess not in word:

            turns -= 1

            # if the character doesn’t match the word then “Wrong” will be given as output

            # this will print the number of turns left for the user
            print("You have", + turns, 'more guesses')

            if turns == 0:
                print("You Loose")
                play_again = input("Would you like to play again? Type Y for yes and N for No!")
                if play_again == "N":
                    repeat = False

Thank you for reading!

You can find the complete source code here Github


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Aina Adekunle
Aina Adekunle
Sep 07, 2021

Nice! Remember, you can use the code snippet option to insert your code instead of using images.

ben othmen rabeb
ben othmen rabeb
Sep 07, 2021
Replying to

thank you Sir

i will modify the post and insert it

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