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Python is an open-source (free), general-purpose (unlimited), programming language which is the most popular for doing data science. Many companies and businesses are now using Python to gain insights from their data, which helps them to have competitive advantage. This course will take a practical approach by using codes written in Jupyter notebooks (a tool that most Data Scientists use on a daily basis) to teach you how to program with Python with the focus on doing data science.


    Data Visualization with Matplotlib

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    • Data Visualization with Matplotlib


      Data visualization in plots and figures exposes underlying patterns in data and provides insights that help in taking informed decisions. This module will help you to get familiarized with Matplotlib: the de facto standard for visualizing data in Python.


      In this module, you will learn:

      1. How to visualize your data with Matplotlib.
      2. How to use various matplotlib.pyplot methods.
      3. How to plot single and multiplots on the same canvas.
      4. How to customize your plots by adding legends, labels and titles.
      5. How to generate and save high-quality plots in several formats.
    • You will receive links to download this course in zip format during Checkout, along with an emailed link that will last for 30 days.

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