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Python is an open-source (free), general-purpose (unlimited), programming language which is the most popular for doing data science. Many companies and businesses are now using Python to gain insights from their data, which helps them to have competitive advantage. This course will take a practical approach by using codes written in Jupyter notebooks (a tool that most Data Scientists use on a daily basis) to teach you how to program with Python with the focus on doing data science.


    Flow Control in Python

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    • Flow Control in Python 


      What if you have all the power over your Python codes? This module will introduce you to how you can control the flow of your program in Python.


      In this module, you will learn:


      1. How to perform successive operations ("looping") without explicitly coding the commands.
      2. That looping is largely understood to be controlling the 'flow' of a program.
      3. How to control the flow of a Python program using:
      4. If statements - logical statements to check for conditions (performing operations only `if` a condition is met)
      5. While loops - continuing execution until a condition is met.
      6. For loops - iterating through a sequence.
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