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Python is an open-source (free), general-purpose (unlimited), programming language which is the most popular for doing data science. Many companies and businesses are now using Python to gain insights from their data, which helps them to have competitive advantage. This course will take a practical approach by using codes written in Jupyter notebooks (a tool that most Data Scientists use on a daily basis) to teach you how to program with Python with the focus on doing data science.


    Python Dictionaries

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    • Python Dictionaries 


      Dictionaries in Python allow us to store connected bits of information. This module will provide you a solid understanding with the fourth built-in collection data type that is essential for doing Data Science.


      In this module, you will learn about:

      1. Dictionaries in Python
      2. The general syntax for creating dictionaries
      3. Common operations with dictionaries
      4. How to add new key-value pairs
      5. How to modify values in a dictionary
      6. How to remove key-value pairs
      7. How to modify keys in a dictionary
      8. How to loop through a dictionary
      9. How to loop through all key-value pairs
      10. How to loop through all keys in a dictionary
      11. How to loop through all values in a dictionary
      12. How to loop through a dictionary in order
      13. Nested dictionaries
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