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Graduate School  Consulting

My goal is very simple:

  1. To help you get admitted into grad school. I have been successful in securing both MSc. and PhD admissions in top universities in Canada.

  2. To assist you in securing funding for your studies (MSc. or PhD). In the past 5 years, I have received more than $ 200,000 CAD in graduate funding in Canada.




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Document Review & Editing

  • Statement of Purpose.

  • Research Proposal.

  • Personal Statements.

  • Emails to Professors

  • Curriculum Vitae.

  • Scholarship Application.

  • Study Visa Application.


Recorded Appointments

  • Pre-application discussion.

  • Application  questions.

  • Pre-admission questions.

  • Mock interview.

  • General questions on how to get you from wherever you are to Canada.

**Disclaimer: I am neither an admission nor  immigration officer and therefore cannot guarantee your success. What I can promise you is my experience, which has helped many students to be successful in securing both admission and funding for their graduate studies in Canada.

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Aina Adekunle, Ph.D.   

Computational Scientist
Program Director at Data Insight
Vancouver, BC, V5X 1X6
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