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finding the circumference, Circumference, Area and Diameter Of a Circle

""" Author: Jackson I. Gargar Date: 1/12/2022 Assignment: Task: How to find the Circumference, Area and Diameter Of a Circle. """

PI = 3.14

radius = float(input(' Please Enter the radius of a circle: '))

#formular for finding the circumference of a circle circumference = 2 * PI * radius

area = PI * radius * radius

(the Diameter is equal to 2 times the radius)

diameter = 2 * radius

print("Diameter Of a Circle = %.2f" %diameter)

#printing the Circumference print("Circumference Of a Circle = %.2f" %circumference)

#Printing the area of a circle print("Area Of a Circle = %.2f" %area)


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