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Simple Python app: Email splitter for separating the username and domain name

In my last Flask app, I needed to create a unique directory in /tmp directory for each user to perform some operations. In this case, as I have the email of each user when they log in, I decide to create a unique directory base on that email.

The valid format of the email address consists of a set of usernames follow by @ symbol and ends with a domain name. Know that, I split user email address based on @ symbol and use the username to create user directory and subdirectory.

I wrote a simple function that takes an email and returns a list of usernames and domains respectively so that I can use the part I want.

def split_email(email):
    return email.split('@')

As an email address is a string, we use the split function offer by the String class to split a string with a divider and return us a list of the element. Test of our function gives us the following result.


output : ['test', '']

This type of function can be useful in certain case. This is github repo

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Aina Adekunle
Aina Adekunle
10 sept. 2021

Use code snippets instead of images to insert your code in posts. And provide link to the GitHub repo.

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