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Python is an open-source (free), general-purpose (unlimited), programming language which is the most popular for doing data science. Many companies and businesses are now using Python to gain insights from their data, which helps them to have competitive advantage. This course will take a practical approach by using codes written in Jupyter notebooks (a tool that most Data Scientists use on a daily basis) to teach you how to program with Python with the focus on doing data science.


    Python for Data Science

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    • Python for Data Science


      In this course, you will learn how to program with Python for Data Science.


      Module 1: Basics of Python Programming - This module will help you to get familiar with the fundamentals of Python programming that you will need to do Data Science. Download this module with the coupon code: freedownload


      Module 2: Data Structures in Python - The power of any programming language is in its data structures. This module will help you to get familiar with three of the four built-in collection data types in Python that are essential for doing Data Science.


      Module 3: Flow Control in Python - What if you have all the power over your Python codes? This module will introduce you to how you can control the flow of your program in Python.


      Module 4: Functions in Python - One of the core principles of any programming language is, "Don't Repeat Yourself!". This module will teach you how to write effective Python functions only once to perform your everyday repetitive tasks as many times as you can imagine.


      Module 5: Python Dictionaries - Dictionaries in Python allow us to store connected bits of information. This module will provide you a solid understanding with the fourth built-in collection data type that is essential for doing Data Science.


      Module 6: Numerical Computation with Numpy - The field of data science involves a lot of numerical computation. This module will adequately equip you with the skills that you need to understand and perform these computations effortlessly with Numerical Python (NumPy).


      Module 7: Data Manipulation with Pandas - The Pandas library is the de facto approach to work with tabular data in Python. Pandas DataFrames and Series can be viewed as an extremely powerful version of Excel, with a lot more features and flexibility. This module will help you to get hands-on practice with creating, manipulating and analyzing data very efficiently with Pandas.


      Module 8: Data Vizualization with Matplotlib - Data visualization in plots and figures exposes underlying patterns in data and provides insights that help in taking informed decisions. This module will help you to get familiarized with Matplotlib: the de facto standard for visualizing data in Python.


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